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Corporate Vision and Philosophy
After more than three decades of internationally recognized achievements in the chemicals business, Eternal Resin continues to rise to the challenges of supplying today’s industrial world.

The Company takes seriously its corporate and environmental responsibilities as an intermediate product maker, ensuring that the building blocks of today’s products are viable now and well into the future. It also remains committed to consistently addressing the needs of its business partners, firm that operate in ever-changing commercial landscapes.

Today manufactures seeking to compete successfully in the global marketplace require a wider range of base raw materials so that they can add better features and longer shelf lives to their products .Systematic update to Eternal Resin’s R&D processes allow the Company to take a long term, strategic approach in bringing to market the building blocks. As technologies improve so does the Company’s ability to research and refine chemical used in the manufacturing of myriad down-stream products. This drive for self-sufficiency has reduced the need to import raw materials by 60%, a cost-saving Eternal Resin is able to pass on to its customers.
Paramount to the Eternal Resin’s operation is safety. Executives at the Company have an internationalized vision of how employees should recognize and conform to globally recognized health and safety standards. By investing heavily in the computerization of many of its operation and in staff training and the implementation of internationally accepted operational standards, the Company has built a reputation for environmental health and safety excellence - a reputation that will continue to grow well into the future.
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